KoBo Service GmbH is your service provider for industrial assembly in the beverage industry, with branches in Germany and Poland. They offer industrial assembly for bottling plants.

Welcome to the Kobo Service GmbH

The industrial assembly specialists of the beverage industry


Kobo service is your best service provider for industrial assembly in the beverage industry.


Our service covers all industrial assembly tasks from the transfer to the installation and maintenance of beverage machines.


KoBo Service has two branches: KoBo Service GmbH in Knetzgau/Germany, and KoBo Service Sp. z o.o. in Brzesko/Poland.


You are looking for used beverage production plants or used bottling? We have what you're looking for ...

About us...

KOBO Service - The industrial installation specialists for the beverage industry

Die KoBo Service GmbH wurde Mitte September 2013 gegründet und ist ein Dienstleistungsunternehmen im Bereich der Industriemontage für die Getränkeindustrie. Unser Aufgabenbereich erstreckt sich von der Malzannahme bis zur Palettierung Ihres fertigen Produktes.

The KoBo Service Company was founded in the middle of September 2013 as a service company in industrial assembly in beverage industry. Our services cover all stages of production from raw materials acceptance to finished product palletising. KoBo Service has two branches: KoBo Service GmbH in Knetzgau/Germany, and KoBo Service Sp. z o.o. in Brzesko/Poland. Presently, both branches employ about 30 employees in total. Our employees, with a 10-year experience in the line of business, perform all mechanical works, from erecting filling installations and assembly of new machines, to their dismantling and packing.

Thanks to close cooperation with partner companies we are also in position to offer electrical works and software services. Accounts with our customers are settled based on commissioned tasks at a fixed price, which allows us to offer fixed frames and precise calculation of costs. It is also possible to execute a project with accounts settlement based on the amount of labour, should the scope of project be difficult to assess or the order deals with a minor project.

KoBo always offers honest relation of price towards service

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Company Formation
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Why KoBo Service?

Having decided to choose us you will have at your disposal a highly competent team with many years of experience in the beverage industry. When executing a customer’s project we are particular about developing optimal solutions – jointly with the customer. Flexibility, goodwill and efficient work of highest quality are as important to us as a customer who is satisfied at the moment of the project completion. We offer all of these at honest prices and on honest terms, because KoBo Service always offers good relation of price to services.

Services / Description

  • Construction of production installations in beverage industry
  • Execution of mechanical, electrical and organisational projects
  • Packing elements of the installation, also for transportation by sea
  • Organisation of loading, shipment, heavy load transport and special transport
  • Agency in sale of second hand production installations in beverage industry and filling installations
  • Maintenance of production installations and machinery
  • Project management
  • Designing systems in cooperation with experienced project engineers (partner companies)
  • Pipelines laying by qualified welders