Execution of mechanical, electrical and organisational projects

KOBO Service - The industrial installation specialists for the beverage industry

About 30 qualified employees of our company perform mechanical works and minor electrical tasks. In the case of major electrical projects we commission the works to partner companies with substantial experience in the beverage industry. KoBo Service takes over the management as well as responsibility for timely and proper execution of the project, which releases the customer from additional involvement.

Designing systems
in cooperation with experienced project engineers (partner companies)

Are you planning restructuring your installation, optimisation works or building an installation from scratch? Do you need a project design covering technical specifications and an installation tailored to your needs in practice? Thanks to the cooperation with partners in the beverage industry we are in a position to design installations in line with your needs, taking into account requirements of technological processes.

Project management
Do you need a project manager and a coordinator who will take care of the proper cooperation between your company and suppliers?

Also here we can offer you our experienced team’s support!